The Freeze, the Fritz

from by STATS (Brooklyn)



The light, the sound
The angel, the blanket, the fear

The grid, the air
The locket, the basement, the tear

The freeze, the fritz
Forging simple contracts

The air, the miles
Longing for your contact

Ancient, creeping, tactile
But the curse is yours

Even after all of this
You do your chores

Sun and sea and wind and rain
The earthly spores

The horse, the plot
Razing every landmass

The owl, the squirrel
Verdant trees and lush grass

The squeeze, the blitz
Lucky witch's cackle

The hide, the truth
Sucking of the shackle

The crops, the corn
A blight for every season

The jobs, the pinch
They don't need a reason

Shouting forth, you seal the pipes
Hissing in its face

Master plan blows down the doors
Adamant embrace

Spewing spit and heavy filth
Suffocating space

Looking through, you glimpse the fiend
He's ogling your plot

Chickens screaming through the gate
A blasphemizing rot

Sullen sits the music lady
This is all she's got

Looking down into the pool
A spot three inches wide

Exploding like an asteroid
It fries your luck alive

Why can't we get checklist right?
One, two, three, four, five

I'm so sorry
I can't be there
East Coast madness

I'm so sorry
It got this bad
Someone help her

I'm so sorry
I can't fix it
It's not my world

I'm not worried
Know they'll be fine
They're my family

I'm not worried
Fiend don't have my…
Turns his gaze to
Singe the skin off a countenance so vain

Up lighted streets, on quiet nights*
When stillness was the way to flight
For in the end, we all flash back
The block calls out; siege of black


*Respects to Neil Peart.


from Mercy, released August 8, 2015



all rights reserved


STATS (Brooklyn) Brooklyn, New York

Formed in 2002 under the name Stay Fucked, STATS are an aggressive, stylistically omnivorous rock trio based in Brooklyn. STATS released their debut LP, 'Mercy,' in August 2015 via New Atlantis Records.

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