by STATS (Brooklyn)

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released August 8, 2015

Tony Gedrich - bass, vocals ("Line of Prime," "List Serve," "Dinner Alone"), keyboards
Joe Petrucelli - guitar
Hank Shteamer - drums, vocals ("Human Butt," "The Freeze, the Fritz," "List Serve")


Dave Perlis - vocals on "Countach"

All songs by STATS. Lyrics by Hank Shteamer, except "Countach" (Dave Perlis) and "Dinner Alone: How Does It Feel" (Tony Gedrich).

Recorded and mixed by Ben Greenberg at Strange Weather, August 2013 to February 2014. Mastered by James Plotkin, January 2015. Released by New Atlantis, August 8, 2015.



all rights reserved


STATS (Brooklyn) Brooklyn, New York

Formed in 2002 under the name Stay Fucked, STATS are an aggressive, stylistically omnivorous rock trio based in Brooklyn. STATS released their debut LP, 'Mercy,' in August 2015 via New Atlantis Records.

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Track Name: Human Butt
Star forward
Falls to the ground
Animated .GIF to be

Left tackle
A bone-crunching sound
Record of the injury

Stunt pilot
Pull that back so we can see

Feeding a desk life blob form sit rot

So vile
Borders on obscene
Incapacitated life

One man's doom
Lottery of fate
Amplifies your fear of heights

Respect paid
Suddenly it's not alright

Feeding a desk life blob form sit rot

Commentator asks
What was it for?
Record of the injury

The father always tried to pass it on to his son
And if it didn't take, oh well, he wasn't the one
Another boy who was groomed and ushered onto the field
They can see from the stands it's over; he'll never heal

Sit back, have a beer, put your feet up
How you been? Seen the clip? It's egregious
Hear the snap, glimpse the bone, see the crowd gasp
Just a game, it's a fluke, part of combat
Track Name: The Freeze, the Fritz
The light, the sound
The angel, the blanket, the fear

The grid, the air
The locket, the basement, the tear

The freeze, the fritz
Forging simple contracts

The air, the miles
Longing for your contact

Ancient, creeping, tactile
But the curse is yours

Even after all of this
You do your chores

Sun and sea and wind and rain
The earthly spores

The horse, the plot
Razing every landmass

The owl, the squirrel
Verdant trees and lush grass

The squeeze, the blitz
Lucky witch's cackle

The hide, the truth
Sucking of the shackle

The crops, the corn
A blight for every season

The jobs, the pinch
They don't need a reason

Shouting forth, you seal the pipes
Hissing in its face

Master plan blows down the doors
Adamant embrace

Spewing spit and heavy filth
Suffocating space

Looking through, you glimpse the fiend
He's ogling your plot

Chickens screaming through the gate
A blasphemizing rot

Sullen sits the music lady
This is all she's got

Looking down into the pool
A spot three inches wide

Exploding like an asteroid
It fries your luck alive

Why can't we get checklist right?
One, two, three, four, five

I'm so sorry
I can't be there
East Coast madness

I'm so sorry
It got this bad
Someone help her

I'm so sorry
I can't fix it
It's not my world

I'm not worried
Know they'll be fine
They're my family

I'm not worried
Fiend don't have my…
Turns his gaze to
Singe the skin off a countenance so vain

Up lighted streets, on quiet nights*
When stillness was the way to flight
For in the end, we all flash back
The block calls out; siege of black


*Respects to Neil Peart.
Track Name: Line of Prime
My son

Of everyone

The mission
Head full of sparks

Doomed inside a mirage

Let go

Then you set it aside

Dream list

Prisoner of the tide

You animated every spark
Believing that it was your purpose

And to a flame they all went dark
Conceded that it wasn't worth it

Self-cannibal in all our minds
You're gnawing through a feeble curtain

The skeleton and brain cannot align

You mastered all the lesser arts

And glossed over the tricky parts

Slice the scalp
Behold the brain
Boiling in its sweat

Reach down in
And extract the grain
Every piece you can get

Once a prince
And now insane
Leatherbound and alone

Made no sense
Blade drops

Caught a break
Returned to the plains
Pilgrimage of the saint

He can keep
Flame hot
That dream locked
Track Name: List Serve
List serve
Who, what, when
Let's begin

Turning pockets inside out
You're talismad

List serve
Keep it clean
Yes, sir
Oh, I've always been

Trusting, hustling, so devout
You're just as bad

Old selfish master
Coursing its way upstream
Paint drying faster
Staining every lampshade green

List serve
What base thirst
Which man
Got there first

Old selfish master
Coursing its way upstream
Paint drying faster
Staining every lampshade green

Not so fast so
Just a vessel

List serve

List serve
Best we can
Track Name: Countach (feat. Dave Perlis)
Your life says perfection
That part will fall through
I am out for blood

Steering Greed
Middle Age
Twitchy Eye
Frozen Air

Call the coin in the air
Tails makes five in a row

Sparkling Dates
A slow day
Parking Gods

Paradigm shift
Pedal screeching threat
Horses above
Cannibalized for a piece of it

Into Aftershave
She's Uncaged
Paint Unscathed
Perma Dusk
A slow day
She's Unfazed

You think your life says perfection
You believe your life says perfection
Eventually will fall through

Who cares about those inner whistle things?
Track Name: Dinner Alone: How Does It Feel
Dude couldn't have a wilder vibe
How does it feel, knowing all your friends are mine?